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The International Chamber Orchestra has done it again. With the help of its Kickstarter backers it’s gone live all over the world, bringing together new authors to enrich Crescendo Giocoso Ritornello with six more chamber LARPs. So ladies and gentlemen, allow us to welcome the International Chamber Orchestra back on stage, with Crescendo Giocoso Ritornello B-Side!

An all-new, stand-alone crescendo of 6 chamber LARP scenarios, from 2 to 14 players and even more. You’ll need no game masters, no facilitators. 

As always, the red thread that ties our games together is not a theme or a setting, but our design approach. We put the suggestive power of the words at the heart of it all, to give instructions, set the mood, define the characters and, above all, inspire emotion.

The games featured in this collection are a mix of our own home-grown delicacies, written by Italian authors such as Maria GuarneriOscar Biffi and Simone Bonetti, and the work of international game designers such as Kathryn Hymes and Hakan Seyalioglu from the USA, their compatriot Marc Majcher, and Joanna Piancastelli from the UK.

Laiv.it is the self-managed space we’ve been using for years to organise chamber larp conventions open to all Italian players. An open stage for ever-new jam sessions, where you can find the handouts for each game.

If you want to get a taste of our style of making games, you can check out Q.B., available in PWYW. This anthology features a revised version of the game.

Page count: 222 pages.


Buy Now9.00€ EUR or more

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