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No city is more inclined than Averliano to enjoy life and flee care.

And to make the leap from life to death less abrupt, for each defunct citizen, patrician or pauper that they may be, a new statue is erected. Over time, a twin city has taken shape undergroundinhabited by the lifeless scupltures of past generations.

In the middle of Averliano stands the Palace of Reason, home to the young Prince, fourth in His name, with as many dungeons for His stone followers as there are towers for His flesh court. Sixteen districts radiate from there, from poorest to richest, each with one plaza and one temple. 

Each citizen has their place, from the lowliest apprentice to the most illustrious architect, and woe be to all who forget. 

But what happens when the statues come alive— and all of a sudden there is not just one Prince, but four of them? 

The City of Flesh and Stone is a Renaissance-inspired adventure designed by Oscar Biffi and Chiara Locatelli. It takes place in Averliano, a fictional city inspired by the idealized creations of Italian architects, just as its supposedly perfect social order is upset by a reckoning with the past— in the form of overbearing ancestor sculptures and Nature itself rebelling against humankind.

Fight to save Averliano with ARC: Doom Tabletop RPG. Inside its 50 beautifully illustrated pages you'll discover the city's society, its Doom and three Omens threatening to topple it— as well as alternate rules to make your experience special, a new Technique, and 10 new characters for your Heroes to ally with or fight against.  

This adventure is ideal for 5 heroes, playing over 6 sessions of 3 hours each: 9 Moments to meet the Princes of Flesh and Stone. It's ready to play and easy to set up, thanks to a pre-filled Doomsday Clock. All you need are your Heroes!

Want this in Italian? Check out the Italian edition of ARC, available both in print and digital versions!

This product is an original creation of NessunDove and is not produced or endorsed by momatoes. 
Created under the ARC Creators License.

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Where to even start with this adventure! It's so imaginative and it's just bursting with cool ideas. And that graphic design is to die for.

This is obviously a work of love and an adventure worth immense attention.

Thank you! For the praise and for the inspiration. ARC has pushed us to explore things we never thought we'd do, in more than one way. It's been a great journey so far.